May the Force be With You

IMG_1566May the Force be With You

To celebrate the end of our science unit on forces we performed our own version of the Cantina scene from Star Wars. This ‘deleted scene’ focussed on Luke Skywalker’s quest for the meaning of the force with various aliens providing ‘educational’ suggestions. Of course it was an excellent opportunity for artistic set design and prop making. Check out this paper Chewbacca mask and fully robotic R2D2 (powered by a remote control car). All credit to Mr Jensen, another incredible prac student, and his team of diehard student helpers for the amazing R2!

Grand Magic Circus Show

IMG_1400Grand Magic Circus Show

As a grand finale to a procedural text unit our students were excited to perform a Grand Magic Circus Show! They wrote ‘How to’ texts involving card tricks, acrobatics, juggling skills and more. They then turned these into performance pieces. Our show was complete with clowns, ventriloquists, disappearing acts and, the most daring of all stunts, the sawing a woman in half trick (involving two cardboard boxes and two very small children). We strung up a colourful parachute in the corner of our room for our circus tent and Miss Purcell, prac student extraordinaire, and her team decorated our very own ticket booth. Friends and family were invited to our show to be dazzled and amazed.