Wool and Stick Initials

Wool and Stick Initials

These beautiful, rustic creations were undertaken as a First Week of School activity. Students were asked to construct their first name initial out of sticks from the playground and then wrap them with colours and patterns of their choice.

Such a straight-forward sounding activity in fact evolved into a lesson in problem solving, patience, perseverance, collaboration, cooperation and knot tying. Upon completion of my 1000th knot for the day, I felt I had got to know my new students quite well – those who could cope with challenge and those who needed more guidance; the perfectionists and the more abstract thinkers; those who could tie a knot and those who could not…

The end products were well worth the effort!



Winter Art


Ink and children can be a scary mix but with plenty warnings and threats about the wrath of their mother’s if uniforms were stained, some amazing pieces resulted. We were working through a mini arts unit on how to draw trees (trying to get them away from the stylised cloud shape on top of two sticks) and these black ink images on blue backgrounds, with white splatters of snow added later, turned out beautifully.